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PostHeaderIcon About Hypnosis – Part 1

Today a client asked me with a look of apprehension on their face, what does hypnosis feels like?

As I thought back to my first feelings about hypnosis I was nervous, would it help me or was I just wasting my money? would this person have some sort of power over me?  would I stop being me and be….. oh what a drama I was creating in my mind! and how far from the truth I really was.
So I thought I would write this several part blog on what hypnosis feels like, what it is and what it is not! and how I can assist you to make changes to your life through hypnosis.
Can I click my fingers and make everything you want happen? …..
NO sorry I can’t do that!

Can I show you ways you can do that for yourself?

Well I can take your thoughts to a place where you can begin this journey and assist you to let go of the past, change the way you look at your world and the way you react to it, create a brighter future and start to have more of what you want – which you can.

Which brings us back to hypnosis.
When you think of this word you probably have a picture or a feeling and maybe some sounds or self-talk.
So where has this belief come from and ask yourself what facts do you really have to back up this belief?

So just think of the word hypnosis and notice what thoughts pop into your mind ….. ? Now ask yourself where are the facts to back up this belief ….

And what is your belief now?

I would now like to bring your attention to this; do you remember learning to ride your bike?

Do you also remember how many times you fell off in the process?
And yet you were so compelled to ride that bike the pain of falling off just did not matter.
Now think about a situation when you have had a problem with someone or you have been hurt in some way and notice how you may have stereo typed that person and any one you meet that reminds you of them?
You know that’s not true yet that’s what you end up thinking.

So by now you’re thinking… what has this to do with hypnosis?
And here lies the answer well part of anyway ….
Hypnosis is happening all the time
and believe me it’s not all the positive type of hypnosis.

In the above statement the person has hypnotized themselves into believing that anyone that looks, sounds or makes them experience those unwanted feelings and emotions is going to treat them the same way as the person did who  triggered the negative event in the first place.  When this happens they recover and remember the event which in turn triggers the away from strategy, thus making oneself avoid the situation or person which can then lead to anxiety, low self-esteem and a host of other issues. 

We are all different. We are all individual.
However we all use the same senses, we see, hear, feel, smell and taste and yet no two people really experience life in the same way even so hardwired into our brain is the thought that when ‘X’ happens I will react with ‘Y’
And that is fine as long as ‘Y ‘is the best way for you to react.

In the case of riding your bike it surely it was, you fell off you hurt yourself then you did ‘Y’ you got back on because you knew that you would get better at it, you had a clear vision of you riding the bike, you had the feelings of being the best cyclist ever, you could hear the wind rushing past your head and nothing else seemed to matter more than being able to ride that bike and you clearly had that vision in your mind yet what you did not know was that part of this was an unconscious process and your unconscious mind was eves dropping listening in on what worked and what did not,  then when you went to sleep that night your unconscious mind made sense of things that had happened throughout that day – and made a valued judgement  that there was far more to gain than to loose  – thus being positive hypnosis.


This is where I can help you to change the way you react and remove the reasons and excuses that we create in our lives.
Well that’s all for Part 1 Part 2 is coming soon and remember you are so much more than you think you are!

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