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PostHeaderIcon About Hypnosis Part 2


Hey welcome back or front as I would not like to leave anyone out!
And welcome to Part 2
Today’s instalment is more NLP based which is a bit like TLC but for the mind!
And it’s a technique you can do yourself.
Have you ever been caught up in a situation one that makes you feel uncomfortable or irritated?
Maybe one that somehow keeps reoccurring?
Notice when you think about that situation you may have a feeling in your stomach or chest
maybe both and you may have an image or picture, maybe some sounds that are internal or external notice how it still seems to affect you even though you are not actually experiencing  the original event, and yet you still feel those feelings?

Now close your eyes and remember the event.
Now notice where you are, are you looking through your own eyes when you think about that situation?
If so just step back so you are looking at the event as if you are looking at a picture or movie and see yourself in that situation so that you are watching yourself in that moment.

Now how does that feel?

Be more specific and notice how the feelings change, now move back into looking through your own eyes.

Now how does that feel?
Do you find the feelings become more intense?
Now let those feelings go like a tide retreating from the shore and move back so that you are watching yourself in the event, now alter the sound by adding something that was not in the original memory maybe some music, something that makes you smile or feel good, now change the colour of maybe three things that are in your memory to adjust that feeling even more

Now notice how this feels does it make that unpleasant feeling begin to feel far less unpleasant?


The more you do this technique the more control you will have over the way the mind deals with these situations.
Well that’s all for this part I’m working on a new idea to add to the blog and give you an even better idea to what hypnosis feels like.
Part 3 is coming soon, believe in yourself, see your potential and be the person that you know you can be…. and you are aren’t you?

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