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PostHeaderIcon Competition time!

Competition time!

Thanks to all of you that have downloaded my pod casts and as a Christmas/New Year treat I am giving away a unique tailored Hypnosis download to the lucky winner, all you have to do to enter is like my face book page and/or if you are already a friend on face book put a Cheery Christmas/New Year comment on my wall, names will be pulled out of a hat or suitable container! on 17th January, I will post the winner on face book and you can then contact me to let me know how one of my Hypnosis downloads can be tailored to assist you.

You can link to face book at  and via my web site where you can also download my free hypnosis podcasts.

I look forward to your Christmas/New Year comments and good luck!


PostHeaderIcon The right frame of mind




I thought I would write a blog about my own thoughts from the past and how much they have changed as you may see things within this that may help you too …..

When I was younger I viewed the world with a very negative outlook, I would try something once and if it did not go right for me the first time I would give up and blame everything around me, I would say things to myself like “I’m not as good as anyone else is, I’m weak and in the animal world the weak die, Maybe I should not be here?”

 I would look at girls that I liked and say to myself “she would never go out with me I’m ugly and she’s so pretty, I not good enough for her or she’s too good for me” and as you can imagine I began to get what I was asking for….

Low self-esteem, little or no confidence and a self-destructive nature, now I’m not saying things never went right for me because they did and yet when they did because of the beliefs I had began to create in my mind I would look for what could go wrong within this and every situation, then I would begin to create scenarios in my mind about how it would all go wrong and guess what ? It did!

I remember one such event where there was a girl I really liked and I mean really liked, I wanted her to like me so much that I found myself being very positive about it working out for me and I worked hard to get her attention which I did and she began to like me too! I was so happy for about one day then once again …. The thoughts of not being good enough and how it would all go wrong began to creep into my mind and I began to run the scenario again and again, how she would see someone else and not want me anymore and that I was not good enough for her, how she would notice what a failure I was and not want to be with me and the list would go on and guess what?

Within a few weeks she began to hate me and I mean hate me…. soon after  the self-pity mode kicked in and I began saying  to myself, “see I knew this would happen it always happens I never get what I want, there must be something wrong with me, I must be unlucky and I’ll never be happy or get what I want”

 ….. and at this point I would like to turn to what I know now…. I was getting everything I asked for!

If you notice what messages I was sending to my unconscious mind it was a stream of unhealthy suggestions backed up with scenarios of how it would all go wrong and if you consider that when we communicate with other people  only 7% of our communication is words 38% tonality 55% physiology it’s no wonder she ran for the hills and now I can understand why!

Because of the messages I was sending out consciously and unconsciously to her and myself

The relationship only had one outcome ….. FAILURE, and your unconscious mind will always look for more of what you want because you’re telling yourself at an unconscious level that is what you want, now I know and I’m sure you do to, that you don’t want to feel like this and that’s why it is so important to be mindful of what we say to ourselves and when we create scenarios in our minds to make them positive and with a great outcome for yourself .

And you may from time to time create scenarios in which it becomes negative, when this happens be aware of this and find a way that works for yourself to stop it and change it to want you do want.

The way I have found that works for me and may work for you too? (However, use your own scenario as I’m not suggesting you use mine…..) Is when the scenario runs and begins to become negative, make something unusual happen for yourself .

for me, in pops a dwarf who slaps me across the face and says the most ridiculous sentence that I can come up with in my mind and then two beautiful women with placards in their hands saying what the dwarf had said only in writing, and this stops me and put me back on track, you do have to practice this for some time and yet after a while it will happen automatically and without you having to think about it and this gives you time to bring your scenarios back to being positive and having the right outcome for you and when you do this I can assure you your life will begin to change for the better as mine has.

And if you are a dwarf reading this I assure you that I don’t mean any offence to you and feel free to have me look ridiculous and slap you in your scenarios!

Know that you are amazing and realise you can have control over your life, begin to figure out what will make you congruent, whole and complete then focus your thoughts and see it as if you have it now because when you do this you can begin to have the life you want and truly desire.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!

Phil 🙂


P.S. Watch out for the competition coming soon!!!


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New hypnosis track on iTunes

PostHeaderIcon Hypnosis for Confidence

With Christmas approaching fast I’m sure you are all very busy and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I’m sure you’r probably busy shopping too !
And if that stress of shopping, working and getting ready for for the BIG day, is beginning to get to you maybe you would like to distress yourself and feel more confident, secure, relaxed and sleep better in the process too
then I may just have the perfect gift for you….. And the best thing is …. It’s free the only thing you would have to do is download it and take a little time for yourself.
I would love to hear some feedback if you have time, also if you do like this hypnosis track would you kindly leave a review on itunes or podbean, I fully understand that some may not want to add a review as it requires leaving a name however, you can rate the stars on itunes and podbean without leaving your name! Happy shopping and Happy Christmas ! And as you begin the countdown to 2012 make it your year and most of all be all you can be.
Please do not listen to this track when you are driving or using machinery … I’m sure you already know that … health and safety !
Music by….Alex Khaskin ( SOCAN ) publisher salieri music inc …. Track 1&2
Childhood memories revisted Track 3

PostHeaderIcon Hypnosis for change

Hi and welcome back … today I have another hypnosis track for you, this one is more metaphor based and I hope you will enjoy this track as it is all about change, perspective and a good life which you all truly deserve.

My hope for this hypnosis track is for you to begin to see things in life for what they really are rather than what we perceive them to be, as we all can sometimes look within and feel that the problems that we create for ourselves and the way that we can blow them out of proportion within our own minds whether that be consciously or unconsciously always end up becoming more of an issue to us than the problem ever really was in the first place and if you wish to put that amount of energy into anything I could suggest better ways that you could do this and which will bring to your life a much better understanding of yourself and others too, as you begin to see that life,  it will become much more fun and you will begin to feel the benefits of really knowing what it is that you want.  

I would also like to add that the best way to listen to this hypnosis tracks is to find a nice quiet room and use headphones

do not listen to this track when you are driving or using machinery … I’m sure you already know that … health and safety !


Music by….Alex Khaskin ( SOCAN ) publisher salieri music inc

PostHeaderIcon Hypnosis part 3 update..


And welcome to my podcast/blog…..

Today I have a hypnosis track for you and I hope it will be of value to you.

This hypnosis track is all about change, self-esteem, and forgiveness.

I hope you enjoy this track and positive feedback is always welcome

Live your life to the full and be all you can be.


Music by….Alex Khaskin ( SOCAN) publisher salieri music inc


PostHeaderIcon About Hypnosis Part 2


Hey welcome back or front as I would not like to leave anyone out!
And welcome to Part 2
Today’s instalment is more NLP based which is a bit like TLC but for the mind!
And it’s a technique you can do yourself.
Have you ever been caught up in a situation one that makes you feel uncomfortable or irritated?
Maybe one that somehow keeps reoccurring?
Notice when you think about that situation you may have a feeling in your stomach or chest
maybe both and you may have an image or picture, maybe some sounds that are internal or external notice how it still seems to affect you even though you are not actually experiencing  the original event, and yet you still feel those feelings?

Now close your eyes and remember the event.
Now notice where you are, are you looking through your own eyes when you think about that situation?
If so just step back so you are looking at the event as if you are looking at a picture or movie and see yourself in that situation so that you are watching yourself in that moment.

Now how does that feel?

Be more specific and notice how the feelings change, now move back into looking through your own eyes.

Now how does that feel?
Do you find the feelings become more intense?
Now let those feelings go like a tide retreating from the shore and move back so that you are watching yourself in the event, now alter the sound by adding something that was not in the original memory maybe some music, something that makes you smile or feel good, now change the colour of maybe three things that are in your memory to adjust that feeling even more

Now notice how this feels does it make that unpleasant feeling begin to feel far less unpleasant?


The more you do this technique the more control you will have over the way the mind deals with these situations.
Well that’s all for this part I’m working on a new idea to add to the blog and give you an even better idea to what hypnosis feels like.
Part 3 is coming soon, believe in yourself, see your potential and be the person that you know you can be…. and you are aren’t you?

PostHeaderIcon About Hypnosis – Part 1

Today a client asked me with a look of apprehension on their face, what does hypnosis feels like?

As I thought back to my first feelings about hypnosis I was nervous, would it help me or was I just wasting my money? would this person have some sort of power over me?  would I stop being me and be….. oh what a drama I was creating in my mind! and how far from the truth I really was.
So I thought I would write this several part blog on what hypnosis feels like, what it is and what it is not! and how I can assist you to make changes to your life through hypnosis.
Can I click my fingers and make everything you want happen? …..
NO sorry I can’t do that!

Can I show you ways you can do that for yourself?

Well I can take your thoughts to a place where you can begin this journey and assist you to let go of the past, change the way you look at your world and the way you react to it, create a brighter future and start to have more of what you want – which you can.

Which brings us back to hypnosis.
When you think of this word you probably have a picture or a feeling and maybe some sounds or self-talk.
So where has this belief come from and ask yourself what facts do you really have to back up this belief?

So just think of the word hypnosis and notice what thoughts pop into your mind ….. ? Now ask yourself where are the facts to back up this belief ….

And what is your belief now?

I would now like to bring your attention to this; do you remember learning to ride your bike?

Do you also remember how many times you fell off in the process?
And yet you were so compelled to ride that bike the pain of falling off just did not matter.
Now think about a situation when you have had a problem with someone or you have been hurt in some way and notice how you may have stereo typed that person and any one you meet that reminds you of them?
You know that’s not true yet that’s what you end up thinking.

So by now you’re thinking… what has this to do with hypnosis?
And here lies the answer well part of anyway ….
Hypnosis is happening all the time
and believe me it’s not all the positive type of hypnosis.

In the above statement the person has hypnotized themselves into believing that anyone that looks, sounds or makes them experience those unwanted feelings and emotions is going to treat them the same way as the person did who  triggered the negative event in the first place.  When this happens they recover and remember the event which in turn triggers the away from strategy, thus making oneself avoid the situation or person which can then lead to anxiety, low self-esteem and a host of other issues. 

We are all different. We are all individual.
However we all use the same senses, we see, hear, feel, smell and taste and yet no two people really experience life in the same way even so hardwired into our brain is the thought that when ‘X’ happens I will react with ‘Y’
And that is fine as long as ‘Y ‘is the best way for you to react.

In the case of riding your bike it surely it was, you fell off you hurt yourself then you did ‘Y’ you got back on because you knew that you would get better at it, you had a clear vision of you riding the bike, you had the feelings of being the best cyclist ever, you could hear the wind rushing past your head and nothing else seemed to matter more than being able to ride that bike and you clearly had that vision in your mind yet what you did not know was that part of this was an unconscious process and your unconscious mind was eves dropping listening in on what worked and what did not,  then when you went to sleep that night your unconscious mind made sense of things that had happened throughout that day – and made a valued judgement  that there was far more to gain than to loose  – thus being positive hypnosis.


This is where I can help you to change the way you react and remove the reasons and excuses that we create in our lives.
Well that’s all for Part 1 Part 2 is coming soon and remember you are so much more than you think you are!

PostHeaderIcon Relationships – Accrington Hypnotherapy

Life is fast and full of hurdles, you may not always realise what you do and say and how this has an effect on your life and others lives too.
You may have had a hard day at work, things may not have gone the way you would have liked, you walk though the door with those thoughts flowing round in your mind, you see your partner and associate that feeling with that person on a unconscious level, over time this happens more and more, week in, week out the feelings that you once felt somehow change, because of this you may then forget those feelings that once were so strong, because before you both only ever looked forwards to seeing each other, your thoughts were concentrated on each other ! you felt only love, you always made the effort to look your best and you lived in the now with thoughts of your future together.

So before you enter your home or see your partner …. Stop…. clear your mind, think of something that makes you happy and remember the feelings that you once felt and still do, maybe a happy time where you had fun and had strong positive feelings for the other person then enter the home with this state of mind.

So try this together for 2 weeks and notice how your feelings and your lives change for the better.