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PostHeaderIcon Goals and outcomes




Five steps that will help you set your goals with a great outcome in mind



Know your outcome.


Ask yourself these questions

What is it that you want to achieve?

Be specific ……

How will you know that you have achieved it?

What will you see, hear and feel when you achieve your outcome?

Is this outcome for you or is it for others?

Is this outcome self-maintained or do you need others to achieve this outcome?

Do you know someone who has already achieved this outcome before?

What resources do you have and what resources do you need to achieve this outcome?

Where are you now and where do you need to be in relation to achieving this outcome?

Does this outcome increase choice in your life?


Is there more than one way to get this outcome?


What will you lose and what will you gain by achieving this outcome?


What will this outcome bring to your life that was not there already?


Ask yourself these questions until you have a well-defined outcome.



Make your goals S. M. A. R. T Goals


S. Specific


M. Measurable, meaningful to you


A. As if now and achievable


R. Realistic and responsible


T. Timed, towards what you want



Get the last step… Of your outcome

What will you see?

What will you feel?

What will you hear both internally and externally?

How will you know that it has really happened?

“What has to happen so that you know that you got it?”


Make an internal representation…

“See, hear, feel, taste and smell what that last step will be like”

Step into that internal representation see it through your own eyes.

The more real and the more intense the better the internal representation will be.

Now step out of that internal representation and hold it in your hands like you’re looking at a movie of yourself on a iPad or similar device.



Now to take that outcome and put it into your future at the time and date of your choosing.

Imagine floating out of your body, right up into the air, right above now and then begin to float right out into the future taking with you your internal representation, float right to the time and date that you have set for your outcome.

Energise and empower your internal representation with four deep breaths, breath in through your nose and out from your mouth and blow all of that energy into that internal representation, now allow that internal representation to float right down from your hand and right in to your timeline at the time and date that you decided, now watch as the events rewind like a movie and re-evaluate themselves to support your goals all the way from then all the way back to now…. Notice every image with clarity as you focus your attention on the event that is unfolding within your mind, knowing that this is your future, believe that as if it has already happened because when you do this you can begin to take control of your future and that can only be a good thing can’t it?

Now when you’re ready begin to float back to now and right back into your body and back into now knowing your outcome is right there in your future just waiting to happen.


Remember all learning is unconscious.


The fact is all learning is unconscious, remember when you were learning to ride your bike you may have fallen off a few times and maybe you thought at that time that you may never learn how to ride it.

Then the next time as if by magic you got better and better and you didn’t have to think about it anymore, that learning was unconscious wasn’t it?

You did not have to think about all the actions like balancing and pedalling and looking where you were going all at the same time?

Because your unconscious mind was already taking care of that for you just like the breath that you have just taken or that blink of your eye lids it’s all automated at an unconscious level.

The conscious mind is the goal setter and the unconscious mind is the goal getter

So start setting your goals to achieve the outcomes that are just perfect for you because you can

Can’t you?


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