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PostHeaderIcon Hypnosis for change

Hi and welcome back … today I have another hypnosis track for you, this one is more metaphor based and I hope you will enjoy this track as it is all about change, perspective and a good life which you all truly deserve.

My hope for this hypnosis track is for you to begin to see things in life for what they really are rather than what we perceive them to be, as we all can sometimes look within and feel that the problems that we create for ourselves and the way that we can blow them out of proportion within our own minds whether that be consciously or unconsciously always end up becoming more of an issue to us than the problem ever really was in the first place and if you wish to put that amount of energy into anything I could suggest better ways that you could do this and which will bring to your life a much better understanding of yourself and others too, as you begin to see that life,  it will become much more fun and you will begin to feel the benefits of really knowing what it is that you want.  

I would also like to add that the best way to listen to this hypnosis tracks is to find a nice quiet room and use headphones

do not listen to this track when you are driving or using machinery … I’m sure you already know that … health and safety !


Music by….Alex Khaskin ( SOCAN ) publisher salieri music inc

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