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Love, Relationship and Confidence

Well with Valentine’s day fast approaching I thought I would write my blog around love, relationships and confidence which are all amazing states to feel, when they are going great that is. In and of themselves these feelings and emotions are great skills to use within your life not just for use in a romantic situation, after all you may love pets, friends and sometimes even family!   and you will have some form of relationship with them too and to a certain degree you need to have confidence as well within all these situations. So confidence, what is it and how do we get it? The dictionary says…… “The quality of being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans or the future”.

But how can you feel confident in a situation that you was unsure about?  Well first things first, confidence breeds more confidence so if you can switch off all that non helpful internal chatter that resides within yourself and then just stop trying to guess what others are thinking, that will take huge amounts of pressure off what you had been feeling and allow you to start seeing and feeling just how amazing you actually are and then maybe you can begin to feel the love for yourself the way you would love others that you care about,  by the way when was the last time you looked in a mirror and said “I love being me I’m happy in my own skin, I like who I am and I will be more than I am right now “?  because no matter what you think you are you will always be so much more than that, whether that be happier, more confident or even more wealthier, whether that is finances or your life becoming more richer and worthwhile, start to see what’s not just good but what’s great about your life and you too, then write it down.

Write what good qualities you think make you…. You

And notice just how amazing you are


Work on your own relationship with yourself and your relationship with others will become so much more fulfilling, remember you were once your own best friend, remember your inner child and that unconscious part of you that looks after you now as it has always done, even when you sleep. Begin to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, do something every day that you had thought was not possible for you to do or you did not feel confident enough to do it and it will not be long before you’re feeling more and more confidence in yourself and the situation you choose to enter into whether that be love, friendships or relationships.

Have a great valentine’s day and remember any change no matter how small or how big is better than no change, choose to better your life today.








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